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Professional photography and video production make stories come alive. We’ll craft a dynamic visual story for the target audience you need to reach.


Don’t let your multimedia collect dust in a forgotten file. We’ll help you set up a workflow that cares for your content and allows easy sharing.


Creating a website takes careful planning with your core goals and values. We’ll work together to curate or manage a site that is fresh, clear, and creative.


We can create content for you, or we can teach you how to do it yourself. We love working with communities to become comfortable with technology.

Media Folk Blog

Tech Tip: Fieldwork Gear Recommendations

I have met so many people in Brooklyn that want to capture traditional expressions happening in their communities.  I also see many artists and non-profits not using proper equipment to document their events and performances. If you are an artist, or run an arts...

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

SEO is search engine optimization and can feel like a complicated and technical field. But who uses those search engines? People do. So we are really optimizing for people and making our website as helpful and accessible as possible. How search engines operate In...

Digital Archiving with CHAP

Folklorist Lynne Williamson approached us last year to consult on best practices for building her video archive. She had a common scenario in the folklore world—a mobile folklorist capturing lots of digital materials, working on more than one computer, without time or...

Training Pakistani Teachers

We had the honor of working with the National Youth Organization of Pakistan (NYOP), in collaboration with Urdu Studies at NYU, to train teachers in folklore and ethnography for an upcoming summer school. They will take what we taught them and pass it on to their...

A Ghanaian Kitchen: Pounding Fufu

Fufu, a staple of Ghanaian cuisine, is made by pounding together cassava and yams. The final consistency is something like playdough, and is balled up with your right hand and eaten with stew. There is no liquid added, which amazed me — it is just the pounding that...