Once you enter Makola, the biggest market in Accra, it’s easy to lose all sense of time and space. It’s like Vegas, but full of culture and anything you might want, from food to hair weaves, watches, soap, and zippers.

We navigated by holding on to our friends and guides, Ama and Delight. The mission was to find cloth that Delight will sew into dresses and shirts. Chris got a behind the scenes look at the sewing industry behind the storefronts. We plowed through piles of fabric and found some beautiful cloth.

We felt like that single market experience would have been enough to call it a day, but we headed back to the National Cultural Center to interview Odeteh Lamptey, a master drum maker and son of famous dancer, musician and drum maker Richard Lamptey. In homage to his father’s nickname “Thunder,” Odeteh named the shop Thunder Drum Village. Odeteh let us document the process of covering a drum with cow hide and tune another drum. Then he brought us to the rehearsal of a traditional dance troupe, Folkloric Selamta. They rehearsed in a schoolroom and blew our minds with their high artistic quality. We were able to document this rehearsal and offer a donation “from your heart” in return.







Today we are off to the countryside with Nana Rokoto and Nana Ama. Looking forward to going beyond the urban landscape.