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Don’t let your multimedia collect dust in a forgotten file. We’ll help you set up a workflow that cares for your content and allows easy sharing.


Creating a website takes careful planning with your core goals and values. We’ll work together to curate or manage a site that is fresh, clear, and creative.


We can create content for you, or we can teach you how to do it yourself. We love working with communities to become comfortable with technology.

Media Folk Blog

Market Maze and Thunder

Once you enter Makola, the biggest market in Accra, it’s easy to lose all sense of time and space. It’s like Vegas, but full of culture and anything you might want, from food to hair weaves, watches, soap, and zippers. We navigated by holding on to our...

Feed Your Eyes

It’s a wonderful thing to step into a foreign airport in a foreign country, wonder what in the world is the next step, then hear a shout: “Chris!” and see the familiar face of Nana Rokoto greeting us with a smile. Nana is a comedian and a chief who...

Ghana Bound!

We are excited to be taking an adventure to see the root of the traditions we have been documenting for the past few years on Staten Island. We are headed to Ghana tomorrow evening with the help and support of our dear friends (and mentors) Samuel Owusu-Sekyere and...