For events where there is a band or a lecture/performance, use a shotgun microphone. A “shotgun” is a directional microphone that rejects sound to the sides and rear, and prioritizes the sound in front of the mic. It can also be good for capturing a single voice in an interview but you would need the surroundings to be very quiet. The Rode Videomic Pro is an excellent shotgun microphone to attach to the top of your video or DSLR camera.

Rode NTG2 Condenser Shotgun Microphone Kit ($299.95)

The great thing about this shotgun is that it has the ability to be “battery powered” and “phantom powered.” Many cameras and recorders provide energy to power these types of microphones. This type of exchange of power is called “phantom power.” However, if you buy a low-end camcorder, it will not feature phantom power. Therefore, you need a battery powered microphone. This is the one for you. This kit also features the correct adaptor to plug the microphone into your camera in the 1/8″ jack on the side of the camera.

Rode VideoMic Pro with Rycote Lyre Shockmount ($229)

As you can see from the Rode NTG2, shotgun microphones are long. Sometimes, they are so long that they will show up in your camera’s viewfinder. This is particularly true is you are using a DSLR. If you are only using a shotgun microphone to mount on top of a camera, I recommend this Rode mic.

Rode NT4 - Cardioid Studio Condenser X/Y Stereo Microphone ($529)

The Rode NT4 is a stereo recording microphone featuring dual cardioid capsules mounted in a X/Y stereo configuration. The microphone is designed for field or studio use and provides transparent sound reproduction and accurate representation of signal within the “Left/Right” stereo field. This provides optimum results when capturing live performances, ambiance, instruments, choruses, choirs etc.