Neighbors from Burma

Neighbors from Burma

This multimedia piece introduces the Chin community, originally from Burma, now settling in Indianapolis. It was part of a larger photography exhibit installed at the Southport Public Library, along with a community festival, magazine/catalog, and radio piece.

Right now there are more people outside of Chin State than people in Chin State. So we want to keep the spirit alive here, even in another country. And we also want to give that seed to our children. We are now fighting for democracy in Burma. So as long as we don’t get democracy, we have to tell our kids that we are still fighting. We want to keep our culture and literature alive through our children. We want to keep our culture and practices here in the USA also—our culture and traditional dances, even wrestling. (Za Bik, Chairman of the Chin Community Center in Indianapolis, IN)


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November 19, 2010